As a manufacturer in the arts and crafts industry, Grafix, we seek out the best graphic designers to create eye-catching packaging designs and marketing materials. Kathleen Doe Creative Design is one of our TOP firms of choice for our design needs. We have worked with her for several years and she has always created designs that are not only colorful and creative but perfectly display vital product details. We’d recommend Kathleen Doe Creative Design for anyone’s design needs!
– Katelyn Boothby-Martinez, Marketing Assistant, Grafix

Kathleen Doe has been providing graphic design and marketing services exclusively for The Butler Corporation for over 20 years. Our company manufactures and sells factory direct, expensive, quality machines, nationwide and beyond, so we are very detail oriented and image conscious. Katie’s been involved in every aspect of advertising for our company, including stationery, business forms, specialty labels, graphics and web design. She was instrumental in designing, editing and in helping us to create a 92-page full color Butler System brochure, as well as a 68-page Professional Supplies Catalog. 

Katie’s creativity, knowledge and expertise are evident in all aspects of the work she has done for our company. Whether it is developing marketing materials, designing graphics or providing helpful revisions, her energetic enthusiasm and thoughtful insights have been an invaluable asset for The Butler Corporation. We look forward to working with her for years to come and highly recommend the services of Kathleen Doe Creative Design for any promotional or graphic needs you may have.

– Paul Joao, Marketing, Sales and Business Manager, The Butler Corporation

Our law firm has been working with Kathleen Doe Creative Design for nearly five years. We are not a large business, and most requests are for smaller, simple design work. Katie is extremely responsive to these requests, and always makes us feel like our needs are a priority to her, even though she handles much more complex projects for other clients. Katie’s work is always well-done, and she improves on the ideas we suggest for each piece we need designed.
– Michael Gove, Gove Law Office

Kathleen Doe has been an excellent creative partner since we first began working with her in 2016. She listens to what we want, offers thoughtful suggestions, executes her work in a timely way, and makes sure the printing process flows as smoothly as her design, from start to finish.

We brought Katie in to morph our annual report and agency brochure into one colorful, people-pleasing, eco-friendly, cost-efficient piece, which has since won a regional award of excellence.

ServiceNet is a large mental health and human services organization serving western and central Massachusetts. However, since most of our programs are tucked away into neighborhoods where they blend with the local culture and scenery, many people still have no idea of the agency’s full scope. We decided to change that with a map and guide that would provide them with an “oh, wow!” resource.

Katie worked with us to develop a fold-out piece that sports a map of our area on one side, pinpointing each of the communities served, and an accompanying index. On the other side are descriptions of our services, photos, and annual stats. No assembly required, and it fits neatly into a standard brochure rack. Since the design itself has now become part of our brand, all we need do from year to year is to change out the photos, refresh the stats, update/expand the program listings by county and town, and tweak any descriptions that need tweaking. It’s an economical production all the way around.

In 2019, ServiceNet won a Silver Lamplighter Award for our Guide to Services/Map/Annual Report in the New England Society of Healthcare Communications (NESHCo) Publications category. The award recognized Kathleen Doe Creative Design for having worked with us to achieve our vision—which turned out to be even better than we had imagined!

– Amy Timmins, VP of Community Relations, ServiceNet