Grafix SafeShot Eclipse Viewer Product Design

Kathleen Doe Creative Design has designed this new solar eclipse visual and smartphone viewer for Grafix. 

Grafix SafeShot Eclipse Viewer

Kathleen collaborated with Grafix to design their exciting new product, the SafeShot solar eclipse viewer. Working closely with Grafix to incorporate safety standards, usability and compatibility requirements, Kathleen worked through multiple stages of design and testing by Grafix over a lengthy period of time. Ease of use for the consumer was key. Kathleen also designed the product logo.

The goal for this product was to have it ready for sale in time for the total solar eclipse that will occur on April 8, 2024. During this incredible event, the path of totality will travel across the United States, giving many millions of people the opportunity to witness the eclipse.  

SafeShot is designed to revolutionize the viewing of a solar eclipse, allowing people to view it with their eyes, but also with their smartphone. Viewers are able to see the eclipse in real time, take photos and video, and do so safely. 

Grafix is the source for specialty plastic films for arts, crafts, graphics, drafting and design. For more than 50 years, their quality plastic films, specialty papers, and Incredible Art Products® have been inspiring artists, crafters, and designers to create the beautiful and innovative.

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