Album and Merch Designs for Enter the Haggis

Kathleen Doe Creative Design recently created packaging and merchandise for the latest soon-to-be-released Enter The Haggis album – The Archer’s Parade.

Enter the Haggis - The Archer's Parade designs
Enter the Haggis - The Archer's Parade album

Kathleen collaborated with Enter The Haggis to create packaging and merchandise for their most recent album. The Archer’s Parade is the band’s first new full length album in several years, and one of their most exciting and explosive. Kathleen worked with the band’s vision and single cover image to create an album design that reflected the album’s thoughtful lyrics and big harmonies. The packaging includes a 6 panel wallet, disc, and 8 page lyric insert booklet.

After years spent writing, demoing, refining and re-writing, the band recorded the album and set up a Kickstarter. Almost 950 loyal backers took part – the release was funded, and backers received extra merch rewards. Kathleen designed several custom items, including two exclusive t-shirts, a screen-printed poster, and a limited-edition vinyl record (not pictured, soon to be produced). The design goal was to produce a dynamic and cohesive look to tie together the album packaging and the exclusive extras.

Kathleen also designed custom stage banners for a live tour that was originally planned to accompany the release. The tour is now on hold, but the album is soon to be released to the general public and has been getting rave reviews from the Kickstarter backers.

> Learn more about Enter The Haggis. Visit their website for a preview of the title track, The Archer’s Parade.

Album cover layout by Sinisa at Pinch Studios.